A downloadable game for Windows

Abyssos is a traditional roguelike with a graphical tileset, currently in early development.

The game is completely free to play.

Version 0.1.1 fixes a problem with quickslots for abilities, and a couple of minor UI issues.

Games in progress shouldn't be affected, you can just drag the savegame folder from the old version to the new (or, drag the abyssos.exe file from the new version to the old).

Version 0.1.0 now available for download!

Being an early alpha version, you can expect bugs, missing features and content, placeholder text and tiles, and so on... But at least it's playable!

In particular, you may experience bugs when using some abilities right next to the map's edge. For the next update I am planning to remove the edges altogether, and make transitions seamless. So I wasn't very proactive in testing edge-of-map bugs. Sorry about that.

(That's also the reason why enemies don't chase you across levels yet, and why there's no minimap - both of those features would need to be changed drastically for the next update, anyway.)

There's no in-game help menu yet, but you can see (and change) the controls in the keybinds menu.

The game was only tested in windows. If you have java installed, download the 'Basic' version. If you don't have java, and don't want to install it, you can download the 'Bundled JVM' version - it's a bigger download, but you'll be able to play without installing java on your system.

I'd love to hear any feedback! You can contact me at: jordix.dev@outlook.com


Abyssos v0.1.1 - Basic.zip (22 MB)
Abyssos v0.1.1 - Bundled JVM.zip (85 MB)

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