A downloadable game for Windows

Abyssos is a traditional roguelike with a graphical tileset, currently in early development.

The game is completely free.

Version 0.3 now available for download!

This update update was focused mostly on towns and related funtionality. Every town is now inhabited by a number of NPCs, which provide services such as:

  • Multiclassing! Each guild has a representant in every town, which allows you to join that guild (for a small fee). You keep all abilities and skills you gained from your previous guild.
  • Buying and selling consumables and equipment, from a number of merchants spread across town.
  • Hiring mercenaries to fight for you.
  • Selling your pets and buying new ones from the Beast Tamer.
  • Resting for the night at the local tavern.

Some other important changes:

  • Towns have civilians wandering around, and guards patrolling the area.
  • You can talk to allied and neutral creatures.
  • Enemies drop gold, needed for most town services.
  • The game now displays your character's equipped weapons.
  • There's now tooltips for weapons, special abilities, and status effects.
  • AI improvements. In particular, your allies should be far less suicidal!
  • And a lot of other minor stuff.

Coming next: v0.4 will focus on the dungeon again - the new features to add include larger vaults, special branches, and of course bosses!

The in-game help menu isn't implemented yet, but you can see (and change) the controls in the keybinds menu. There's also a text file with the controls and few useful tips.

There's no end-goal either, only things to kill. You can descend as far as you like (the world is infinite in every direction, including down), but enemies after the first floor are mostly just higher level versions of the enemies from the first floor.

I'd love to hear any feedback! You can contact me at: jordix.dev@outlook.com


Abyssos v0.3.zip 103 MB

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