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Abyssos is a traditional roguelike with a graphical tileset, currently in early development.

The game is completely free to play.

Version 0.2.1 now available for download!

Disclaimer: Being an early alpha version, you can expect bugs, missing features and content, placeholder text and graphics, and there's no end-goal yet... But at least it's playable!

Changes for this version:

  • There is finally a minimap!

  • There's also a larger, scrollable map, which can be viewed at any moment, displaying the entire known world.

  • Some other small changes to the UI.

  • Hostile creatures which have not noticed the player now have orange health bars, to distinguish them from neutral creatures (which continue to have yellow health bars).

  • It's now possible to dismiss allies.

  • Huge performance improvements.

  • Many tweaks, bugfixes, and balance changes, as expected for a game in the early stages of development.

Coming next: Towns are mostly empty for now, and all of the services that will be provided there are still missing - notably, buying stuff and changing guilds, both of which are impossible for now. This is the main priority for v0.3.

The in-game help menu isn't implemented yet, but you can see (and change) the controls in the keybinds menu.

There's no end-goal either, only things to kill. You can descend as far as you like (the world is infinite in every direction, including down), but enemies after the first floor are mostly just higher level versions of the enemies from the first floor.

The game was only tested in windows. It runs with java, but it comes with its own bundled JVM, so you don't need java installed to run it.

I'd love to hear any feedback! You can contact me at: jordix.dev@outlook.com


Abyssos v0.2.1.zip 88 MB

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